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Shooting And Puck Skills

Semi-Private Shooting & Puck Skills - $185

This 4-week program focuses on shooting techniques including wrist shots, backhand shots and quick release.  Players will also get a chance to refine their passing and stick handling technique both stationary and on-the-fly.  There is a maximum of 6 players with 2 instructors and each session is 50 minutes.

November 3rd - November 24th (Tuesdays)

7:30pm: Ages 7-9
8:30pm: Ages 10-13

Shooting & Power Skating - $315

This 8-week program includes shooting and power skating instruction each week. The focus of the shooting portion of this program is mainly wrist shots (stationary and on the fly) and also incorporate receiving a pass and shooting. The power skating focus is on edge control (inside/outside), forward/backward stride, balance and transitions.  There is a maximum of 8 players with 2 instructors and each session is 50 minutes.

November 2nd - December 21st (Mondays)

8:30pm: Ages 10-13

November 4th - December 23rd (Wednesdays)

7pm: Ages 7-8
8pm: Ages 9-12

Semi-Private Shooting Program - $185

This 4-week semi-private program is focused specifically on shooting mechanics and teaching players the correct technique to improve their shot. We will be focusing on wrist shots with an introduction to slap shots. There will be stationary and in-stride shooting drills that will also incorporate stick handling. The program is on half-ice with a max of 3 players per age group. 

November 7th - November 28th (Saturdays)

3:30pm: Ages 7-9 & 10-13

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