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Skating Treadmill and Synthetic Ice Pad

Skating Treadmill

Beginner Skater on TreadmillOur treadmill is fitted directly into a 40' x 20' synthetic ice training rink that will provide players endless training opportunities -- including being able to skate while stick handling, shooting and passing. The skating treadmill has synthetic ice slats which are attached to a motorized belt system which allows you to skate just like you would on the ice. The apparatus is used to correct and improve skating strides and is the ultimate training tool for players looking to improve their technique and conditioning. Sessions feature individualized 1 on 1 instruction which is the best way to improve your skills.

Some of the benefits of the treadmill are:

  • Improved skating mechanics through immediate feedback from instructor, mirror and Dart Fish video analysis
  • Achieve anaerobic burn state quicker than on regular ice (great for conditioning in the off-season)
  • Builds the muscles required for improved skating stride
  • Improved stride recovery and efficiency 
  • Naturally teaches players better balance when skating
  • Improved quick starts 
  • Affordable semi-private skating instruction with improvements shown in very short period of time 
  • Players can stick handle on the skating surface, give & receive passes and shoot on a net while skating

Individual Session Pricing: (HST extra)

1 - 9 Training Sessions - $35 perTreadmill Power Skating Beginner

10 - 29 Training Sessions - $30 per 

30 + Training Sessions - $20 per

Note: A regular training session is a half hour in length and is shared between 2 skaters. The above session pricing is for one player only. You may also book a 1 hour block if you have your own group of 4 skaters. HST is extra on all above pricing.

Private Treadmill Sessions (1:1) - $65 + HST per session.

Call 519-883-7825 to book your training times.

Visit our Team Training Page for Team Treadmill & Shooting Options 


Synthetic Ice Pad

Synthetic Ice Pad Shooting

The Synthetic Ice Pad is a 20' x 20' area which is located within out Blade Rink with skating treadmill. This is a great space for working on individual shooting skills and stick handling while on your skates. We offer different shooting programs and combination programs with our treadmill along with 1 on 1 shooting lessons. This is also a great spot to introduce young goalies to the basics of the position. 

Pricing Information:(HST extra)

30 Minute Private Lesson - $40 (Pre-Buy 5 Sessions for $150)

60 Minute Private Lesson - $60 (Pre-Buy 5 Sessions for $250)

60 Minute Private Goalie Lesson - $75
(No package pricing available. Recommended for ball hockey goalies or beginner ice hockey goaltenders only.)