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Defensive Skills

Battling & Puck Protection - $135

This 4-week half ice program is designed to help players improve their puck protection and battling skills. Players will learn proper technique for tight turns (with and without pucks), how to evade defenders in confined spaces along with batting drills with a focus on body position and how to use that to your advantage. These skills will be taught and then incorporated into a variety of game-like situations. Each session is 50 minutes and there is a maximum of 10 players with 2 instructors.

July 2nd - 23rd (TUESdays)

6:30pm: Ages 9-11

Defensive Skills - $160

The 4-week program covers techniques and strategies specifically for defencemen. Our staff teach players defence-specific skating, puck control, passing and shooting. Players will also be taught angling techniques and situational “read and react” skills. There is a maximum of 4 players with 1 instructor and the first portion of session takes place on half-ice.

Half-way through each session we will combine this program with the Offensive Skills program taking place on the other half so each group can work on the skills they've learned that day against an offensive situation.

Note: Players must possess all basic stick handling, passing and shooting skills before attending this program. 

July 5th - july 26th (Fridays)

6:30pm: Ages 7-9 7:30pm: Ages 10-13

August 3rd - Auguts 24th (Fridays)

6:30pm: Ages 7-9 7:30pm: Ages 10-13

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