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Power Skating

Skill Development - $285

This 10-week program is geared toward players at the House League level to help develop their power skating, shooting, passing, puck control, battling, and play-making skills!  There is a maximum of 12 players with 2 instructors and each session is 50 minutes. 

december 29th - march 8th (sundays)

2:30pm: Ages 6-8
3:30pm: Ages 7-9
4:30pm: Ages 9-11

Note: There is no class on February 16th.

Power Skating & Pucks (8 Weeks) - $275

This 8-week program focuses on traditional power skating techniques but some drills will also incorporate a puck. Note that the focus of the program is on the power skating techniques, and pucks will only be incorporated in the drills when the instructor feels the class is ready for it.  The goal for each skater is to improve skating control and efficiency to the point where he/she is just as fast and controlled skating with a puck as he/she is skating without one. There is a maximum of 10 players with 2 instructors and each session is 50 minutes.

January 9th - February 27th (Thursdays)

7:30pm: Ages 7-9
8:30pm: Ages 10-13

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