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Pay-As-You-Go Clinics

Skills Clinic Series - $35

Our Pay-As-You-Go Clinics are perfect for players that cannot commit to a weekly program or players who want to target different skill sets. New clinics are posted monthly, however, at certain times of the year clinics may be more limited. Each full-ice clinic is 50 minutes with a maximum of 10 players and 2 instructors. Half-Ice clinics have a maximum of 5 players and 1 instructor. Clinics may be cancelled if we do not have at least 4 players registered.

NOTE: You must register prior to the clinic, we do not accept "drop-ins" and cannot accept registration when you arrive. Please register online, call or email us prior to the clinic. If the request is within 1-3 hours before the start time we may not be able to facilitate.  

CANCELATION POLICY: We require a minimum of 24 hour's notice to cancel your clinic and receive credit for future use. Failure to provide 24 hour's notice will result in no credit being issued and no make-up for the missed session. 

You may register online for individual sessions at a cost of $35+HST per session OR purchase a package of "Clinic Credits" at a discounted rate by calling us at 519-883-7825.

(5) Credits: $150+HST ($30/clinic)

(10) Credits: $250+HST ($25/clinic)

Once you've purchased your credits, you may email us with the clinics you wish to attend or call our office to book over the phone. 

Note: Clinic credits may be used for members of the same family, however, they cannot be split up among multiple families. Additional clinics will continue to be added on a regular basis. These clinics are transferable between both our Guelph & Waterloo locations. 

May 27th (Monday)

4:30pm: Shooting & Puck Skills Clinic (Ages 6-8)

May 30th (Thursday)

6:30pm: Backwards Skating & Crossovers (Ages 6-8)

may 31st (Friday)

4:30pm: Shooting & Puck Skills (Ages 10-13)

June 4th (Tuesday)

4:30pm: Edge Control & Pivots (Ages 7-9)

June 7th (Friday)

4:30pm: Power Stops & Tight Turns (Ages 6-8)

June 10th (Monday)

4:30pm: Battling & Puck Protection (Ages 9-12)

June 14th (Friday)

4:30pm: Passing & Stickhandling (Ages 6-8)

June 20th (Thursday)

4:30pm: Shooting Technique & Accuracy (Ages 8-10)

June 21st (Friday)

4:30pm: Shooting technique & Accuracy (Ages 10-13)

June 26th (Tuesday)

4:30pm: Edge Control & Pivots (Ages 8-10)

July 6th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Power Skating (Ages 6-8)

July 7th (Sunday)

3:30pm: Offensive Skills (Ages 9-12)

July 13th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Defensive Skills (Ages 8-10)

July 14th (Sunday)

3:30pm: Stopping & Backwards Skating (Ages 6-8)

July 20th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Edge Control & Agility (Ages 7-9)

July 21st (Sunday)

3:30pm: Heads Up Puck Control (Ages 9-12)

july 27th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Offensive Skills (Ages 7-9)

July 28th (sunday)

3:30pm: Defensive Skills (Ages 10-13)

August 10th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Shooting & Power Skating (Ages 6-8)

August 11th (Sunday)

3:30pm: Shooting Technique & Accuracy (Ages 8-10)

August 17th (Saturday)

1:30pm: Edge Control & Pivots (Ages 10-13)

August 18th (Sunday)

3:30pm: Pre-Season Clinic (Ages 7-9)

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