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About The Zone Training

How it Started

The Zone Training was established in 2005 and began as a small facility in Waterloo that developed players of all ages utilizing a smaller scale ice surface and low student-to-instructor ratios. Over the first two years, the concept was so well received that we opened a new state-of-the-art facility in North Waterloo in 2007 to service the ever-growing demand. 

We are now in the process of expanding our model into other cities across Ontario and Guelph was the choice for our second facility to better serve not only Guelph, but the surrounding areas including Hespeler, Cambrdge, Milton and Acton.

We are very excited to bring this concept to the city of Guelph and look forward to helping players of all ages and skill levels achieve their goals.

The Zone Training Mission

The Zone Training is committed to developing the future of hockey. We offer programs and lessons for all ages and skill levels ranging from recreational skaters to highly competitive hockey players.

Our experienced staff members develop cutting-edge training programs which surpass industry standards and inherently instill the values of hard work, discipline, commitment and self-confidence in each player. Ensuring that every individual has fun is just as important as the skills we teach.

Our programs cater to small groups and individuals who are looking for instruction in a unique and rewarding environment.

How training and competing on smaller-scale ice surfaces benefits players of all ages:

Group training programs on smaller scale ice surfaces naturally reduces the player to instructor ratio.  As a result, players benefit from more individualized instruction and constant attention from the instructors. 

Private lessons on full-sized ice surfaces can develop bad habits because players are able to move at a slower pace and use more space on the ice to execute their plays.  Private lessons on small-scale ice surfaces challenge players to use their time and space wisely.  The constraints of the ice surface help the players execute shots and passes quickly and efficiently. 

While competing in a 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 game, the players find that skills such as reaction time, stickhandling in confined spaces, and quick release while shooting are inherently developed in a fun and confidence building atmosphere.  Each player has more time with the puck on his/her stick in a game on small ice than they would during a regular hockey game on a full-sized ice surface.  More time with the puck allows players to develop their puck control skills and play-making abilities over the course of the season!

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