Rental Information

The Zone Training is the ideal place to play 3 on 3 hockey, have fun with your team, family and friends, have a birthday party, play shinny with co-workers and much more! Choose between Rink 1 and Rink 2 to find the perfect match for your needs. Click on each picture for pricing and other ice rental information!

110' x 50' ice rink 40' x 20' ice rink  


Rink 1 is 110' x 50' and features REAL ice, boards and glass - just picture a smaller scale version of any other rink you have been to. With benches, dressing rooms and showers, we have all the amenities you need! 



Rink 2

Rink 2 is 40' x 20' and features REAL ice, boards and glass.  This rink is ideal for private lessons and ice rentals with a maximum of 3 skaters.






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