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Goaltender Development

Goaltender Development (8-Weeks) - $500

This 8-week program on Rink 2 (40' x 20' Real Ice Pad) teaches modern goaltending techniques in a unique and fun environment, focusing on a wide variety of skills. We offer a 2:1 student to instructor ratio which allows for individual attention at each session. Each session begins with a goalie specific skating warm-up followed by drills that build on the skills learned during each session. There is a max of 2 goalies per class and each session is 45 minutes. 

July 4th - August 22nd (Tuesdays)

5:45pm: Ages 7-9 - Register
6:45pm: Ages 9-11 - Register
7:45pm: Ages 10-13 - Register

JULY 6TH - AUGUST 24th (THursdays)

6:45pm: Ages 7-9 - Register
7:45pm: Ages 9-10 - Register
8:45pm: Ages 10-13 - Register

JULY 9TH - AUGUST 27TH (Sundays)

3:00pm: Ages 7-9 - Register
4:00pm: Ages 7-9 - Register
5:45pm: Ages 7-9 - Register
6:45pm: Ages 9-10 - Register
7:45pm: Ages 10-13 - Register

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