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Team TrainingThe Zone Training can provide a wide variety of team training programs at our facility in the heart of Waterloo. With a 110' x 50' ice rink along with 40' x 20' real-ice shooting pad we have the tools and staff to be able to improve players skill sets. Coaches are often limited to the amount of ice they have access to and our programs are focused on developing players skills, so coaches can then focus on team oriented systems and drills during regular team practices. Below are some options, however we can tailor a package to suit your budget and training needs.

Please contact Derek Obermeyer for any Team Training inquiries.

Half Ice Skill Sessions

This is an affordable option for players to receive low ratio skills training throughout the season. Sessions are designed for half-ice only (55' x 50') which is plenty of space for a small group of players to work on shooting (game situation under pressure, finishing in tight, etc), puck handling in tight spaces, passing, puck protection, battle drills and much more. We recommend groups of 3-4 players for these sessions and a goalie may attend as well. All sessions are 50 minutes are can be booked at 3:30pm and 4:30pm (weekdays) or anytime on weekends based on availability.

Pricing Options:

1-9 sessions - $165 per session

10-15 sessions - $155 per session

16+ sessions - $145 per session

On-Ice Team Training 

With this option, we encourage one of the coaches to attend each session so that the skills the players are learning can be built upon during regular team practices. Our goal with this type of program is to help players improve their individual skill sets with a lot of correction and teaching. Our smaller scale ice allows us to do this effectively. With limited ice time available through minor hockey associations, it becomes tough to find time to work on specific skills and get the repetition required to improve.

There are several different ways you can utilize this additional ice including:

- Send the full team to work on various skills designed for the age and level of the team

-  Send your defencemen to work on specific skills including mohawks & transitional skating, picking pucks up off boards, dragging and shooting, making the 1st pass, etc

-  Send your forwards to work on individual shooting skills, stick handling, passing, transition skating , puck protection, etc.

- Send small group of defencemen and forwards to work on battle drills, 1 on 1s, etc

- Send specific group of players who need work on a particular skill (ie. Shooting, turning forward to backward, etc)

Note: HST extra. We also offer full team group training with 2 instructors. Our staff are very effective in creating skill development sessions with lots of flow and high tempo drills while focusing on correcting players throughout the ice time. 

Pricing Options:

The prices listed below include 50 minutes of ice time and two instructors.

Prime Time Pricing Option: (4:30pm - 9:30pm Monday-Friday)

1 - 7 sessions:  $375 per session

8 - 15 sessions: $345 per session 

16 + sessions: $315 per session 

Off-Prime Pricing Option: (6:30am, 7:30am Monday-Friday or anytime on Weekends)

1 - 7 sessions:  $345 per session

8 - 15 sessions: $315 per session

16 + sessions: $285 per session

Note: HST extra. The number of players that can attend each ice time is left to the coaches discretion.  The coach may choose to send small groups or we can facilitate full teams on the ice and run skill specific sessions that incorporate transitional skating, passing, puck handling and shooting.

Goaltender Training 

This is an area that the majority of teams require assistance with and, with a team of goalie instructors at the Zone, we are able to develop a plan to ensure your goalies get the individual attention they deserve. The Zone Training business was built around goalie instruction when it started in 2005 and we have become a respected resource for individual goalie training. Some of the options we provide are below.

Semi-Private Goalie Training at the Zone: 2 goaltenders with 1 instructor

Rink 1: (Half-Ice)
$145 per session

Rink 2:
$130 per session

Note: HST extra. 

Off-Site Goalie Training: This is where we would send a goalie instructor to your teams practice

Contact us for pricing. Cost will vary depending on the area we are travelling to and may vary depending on the instructor. 

Off-Site Training

One of our staff members is available to come to your team practice to do Power Skating sessions, Body Checking clinics, Goalie instruction, Shooting clinics and much more. Contact us for pricing and further details.

Ice Rentals 

If you are looking to run your own training sessions or have your players participate in small area games or 3 on 3 we do have limited weekend and early morning ice rentals available.  We do not offer on-going rentals during prime-time weekday hours, however there are individual hours that do open up at times. Please Note: We do not allow you to bring an outside paid instructor to teach on our ice. Volunteer team coaches are the only ones permitted to run training sessions at our facility.

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