Learn to Skate

Guelph 8 Weeks Ages 3-8 $225

This 8-week comprehensive program uses interactive games to teach children fundamental skating skills. There is a maximum of 14 skaters with 4 instructors and each session is 40 minutes.


  • There are no specific age groups in this program because we prefer to group kids by ability.  Children in these classes are typically 4-8 years old. We do accept 3 year olds in this program, however, we recommend you consider our Pre-School option prior to trying Level 1 if your child is between 3 & 3.5 years old and has never skated.
  • Children are required to wear skates and a CSA approved helmet with a protective cage or face mask. We do not have this equipment available for sale or rent at our facility.
  • Additional equipment is optional.  Most children wear warm winter clothing (ie snow suit and mittens) because it is cold in the facility year-round.  Some children like to wear full hockey equipment, excluding the stick.  
  • Level 1 classes are for children who have limited or no skating experience.  We teach children how to stand up, balance, move forward, take strides and stop (snow plow). Skating aids (i.e. "pushers") are available for those who require them.
  • Level 2 classes are for children who can take complete strides with one or both feet (without a pusher) and have enough body control to stop and turn, although these skills may not be perfected yet. In Level 2 classes, children learn how to lengthen their strides, gain more confidence with snow plow stops, turn and skate backwards.
  • Note: Our instructors may contact you to move your child to a different level if necessary.