Learn to Play Hockey

Waterloo 8 Weeks Ages 4-8 $260

This 8-week program focuses on skating as well as teaching basic hockey skills and concepts in a unique and fun environment. There is a maximum of 13 players with 3 instructors and each session is 50 minutes.


  • Full hockey equipment is required (view list), including a stick. We do not have this equipment available for sale or rent at our facility.
  • Level 1 classes are for children who can skate (i.e. take small strides with one or both feet and have an idea of how to run and stop). Children in this class learn hockey fundamentals including holding a stick, power skating, shooting and stickhandling.
  • Level 2 classes are for children who are more competent skaters (i.e. can skate forward while carrying a puck, skate backward, turn and stop) and posses basic fundamental hockey skills. Classes include a combination of skill development and an introduction to basic team concepts during game play.
  • Note: We may contact you to move your child to a different program if they do not possess the required skills.